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Transformation Is Happening

I spent the morning on Saturday walking across the Carquinez Bridge and back (about 2 miles round trip) and remembered doing this as a bucket list item a year and a half ago. At that time, it was a stretch for me to make it all in one go without rest breaks due to arthritis pain in my knees and hauling around about 50-60 extra pounds at the time. It felt so great to do it though and I felt accomplished. Saturday, it was just a fun stroll with Nicky and Keylah enjoying the first spring-like weather and appreciating being pain free #fkyuarthritis 😁 This accomplishment was quieter, but meaningful because instead of a huge push, it was a normal nice morning walk. Walking the bridge was also symbolic for me because it represents crossing from effort to ease in my life. What transformation is happening in your life?

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