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What Other People Think

One of the benefits we get from Mercury going retrograde is that mis-communications abound. This sounds bad, but actually it gives us an opportunity to watch what meanings our minds make up about those faulty interchanges.

When you hear something that sounds rude, thoughtless, or insulting do you immediately go to rage or self-condemnation? Or do you probe further to see what was actually meant? If the person truly was imbalanced enough to be unkind or rude, do you condemn them at that point? Or check to see if there are extenuating circumstances? Are they grieving? Going through a personal crisis? Would that make a difference in how you feel?

Whatever way we choose to process, the most important perspective to cling to is the knowledge that no one else is the arbiter of our value. Our value is innate and Infinite. We are part of the tapestry of life and belong here. Let go of worrying about what other people think.

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