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Affirmation and Gratitude

I have been with Michael and the Teachings for many years and am a long term fan of meditation and practicing Gratitude. Recently, however, I shifted my routine and began starting my day with Affirmation and Gratitude instead of just closing out my day that way. Adding in the Morning Gratitude has been profoundly effective in providing me with more time, more relaxation, greater inner peace, and much more joy. I heartily recommend this tweak if you are not yet expressing your Gratitude upon awakening.

For those of you who do not express gratitude as a practice, I can tell you that people who just take a moment daily to express 3 things that they are grateful for that day, engender a great lightening of depression and stress within just a few weeks and also feel more powerful in their own lives, less negative and judgmental, and more internally integrated within a few months of beginning this practice. It takes a mere moment daily and costs you nothing, yet brings great benefits. I heartily suggest you try it.

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