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Denying Forces

Whenever we Affirm a desire here on the Physical Plane, we are immediately met with a Denying Force. That's because in order to learn and grow, we have to put some effort into achieving our goals which teaches a lot about ourselves and the world around us. Once we have worked through the Denying Force, we achieve our goal and are then in a state of Neutrality (at least for the moment). Every step we take throughout our day moves us through this wheel: I want breakfast (affirming), I have to make/purchase it (denying), I have eaten it and am now satisfied until lunch time (neutrality). We move seamlessly throughout our days traveling the wheel. Small affirmations usually create small denying forces; bigger affirmations (I want to be a doctor) create bigger denying forces (i have to get accepted to/pay for/manage to complete med school).

Unfortunately, if we lose sight of the nature of the wheel, we can experience our lives as one huge Denying Force (or Denying Forest as my young son used to say quite appropriately....Mom, I'm stuck in the Denying Forest and I can't find a way out!) When we get to a stuck place, it is useful, just like in a dark forest, to look for the Light...the Light in ourselves, the Light in the world around us. Take a deep breath, stand in gratitude for the achievements that have gotten you this far, and look for the Light.

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