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Interesting Times

In the face of the rampant hatred, fear, and anger displayed at the RNC this week, many Americans are feeling despair and hopelessness. We need to remember that every time our planet has tried to advance in any major way there has always been resistance and backlash.

When people first tried to settle in one place and practice agriculture and animal husbandry to provide a stable, civilized lifestyle, hunters and gatherers were outraged and attacked villages; but villages eventually prevailed.

When scientists first tried to stand up to superstition through people like Galileo and Copernicus, they were loudly debunked and considered satanic, but technology rose up nonetheless.

Now that the world is becoming more interested in human rights, dignity, and equality, the backlash of privilege and greed (and the fear of loss of control and power) is thrashing and intense. But humans inexorably move forward and humanity evolves.

We live in a tumultuous sea of interesting times. Let's keep this in perspective and focus on the horizon, continuing to spread peace and tolerance.

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