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Rise Above It

Sometimes when we are surrounded by cranky or irritable coworkers or family, we feel attacked even if they are not directing their upset towards us. For sensitive folk, just being around the meltdowns, arguments, and sniping feels like being battered, and the result is exhaustion, depression, and difficulty sleeping and functioning well during the day.

In these cases it is useful to create an internal position of altitude. Rise above the situation and look at it compassionately. You are not the cause of someone else's upset or judgment, (even if you occasioned it), they are. Imbalance begins with internal perspective.

Let go of blaming yourself or others. Let go of blame altogether; and rise above the fray. From a higher perspective, all of the imbalance is just the stuff of the physical plane, giving us lessons to work on. You can choose how you wish to participate, and you can also choose to detach from the drama. But first you need to separate from it a bit and take a breather. Rise up, breathe deep, and soar like an eagle.

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