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When Life Hands You Lemons

We've heard an awful lot of complaint about how difficult people's lives have been lately; monetarily, physically, or emotionally. Yes, some challenges are really rough. And yes, in the moment it may feel relieving to whine and moan.

The only problem with Complaint is that it diverts you from the road to Satisfaction. Complaint puts us in a dis-empowering, victimized state; and, as any experienced martyr knows, anyone standing in the role of victim abdicates power and responsibility. The only tool they have left is manipulation, which makes all of their friends, family, and other potential supporters instinctively arc away in disgust.

Nothing gets accomplished and the complainer gets to stew in continuing misery. Underlying the complaint is usually a sense of outrage that the Universe dared to send this challenge our way.

Well, difficult as it may be to hear, the physical plane is not a vacation spot. If you are here it's because you choose to be and because you volunteered to tackle the tough lessons we experience here. Is there Joy to be found as well? Absolutely! But Challenge is also a constant. It isn't going away. It's here to help us mature in consciousness whether we think we like that or not.

So, go ahead. When life hands you a lemon, you can cry and whine about it for a little while. After all, we're only human. But then, we'd advise settling in to make some lemonade.

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