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Wow, when Michael told us that we would be having a lot of transformation this winter, it was no joke! So much change in such a short time can leave us feeling ungrounded and insecure. Ironically, the best antidote for that ungrounded feeling is...well...the Earth. Specifically Nature herself. Whenever life feels completely out of control, the best antidote is to gain some altitude. This means separating yourself from the issues at hand and rising up above yourself and your daily concerns to see the Big Picture; the slowly turning wheel of life.

I personally find that the tallest, most ancient trees that I can find connect me with this perspective the best. With others, it's the ocean or a mountain, or just a great big boulder to perch on. Whatever part of Nature you choose, even if it's a small leaf or seed; let yourself flow into the peace of its continuity with the cycle of life. Let your cares flow out of you and breathe in Peace. Sooner than you think, you will feel grounded and stable again.

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