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The Absence of Pain Is Bliss

I've had a few conversations with clients lately about my recommendation to find a few things to be grateful for every day. They report that some days they just feel too depressed or caught up in too much crisis to be grateful for anything. My usual conversation about appreciating sunsets, flowers, and indoor plumbing were not cutting it.

Then Friday I badly wrenched my neck in my sleep and for the next 3 days I was in excruciating pain, couldn't turn or lift my head, couldn't drive, and it hurt horribly to text, use a mouse, or even find a way to lie down and sleep. Slowly after lots of icing and a visit to a massage therapist, the blinding pain started to reduce until today it is bearable, even though my neck is still stiff.

During all this time I had a great opportunity to think about and count my blessings: foremost among them that this is not a chronic problem, it will pass, it's improving daily, and soon I will be experiencing the luxury that is the surcease of pain. I am beyond grateful.

Next time someone tells me they have a hard time feeling gratitude, I will direct them to remember the last time they were in horrible pain and to remember how wonderful it is when it stops. Pure bliss. And something to be so very grateful for.

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