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Child Shall Lead Them

Many of you know that I live with a friend of mine and am helping her to raise her three grandsons. For some reason, the oldest (who is only 10) has had more than his share of challenges so far this lifetime. Today, we found out that he has two more health problems on top of four other big hurdles he has been already working to master. When I found out about this, I must admit that for a moment my heart just dropped to the floor. He's been through so much already.

But then I watched him laughing and joking with the doctor and nurses, inventing silly stories to tell me on our ride home, and encouraging me to belt out songs with him. It was impossible to stay too blue in the face of his good humor. He reminded me that humor and music go a long way toward healing our hearts. The physical plane is just a game we play, so we might as well enjoy the ride. Trust a child to lead me back to the truth.

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