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A Force For Love

When all is said and done, the physical plane is a deliberate game of learning challenges that we play; using trial and error and involving multiple lifetimes of exploration. There is sadness, difficulty and heartbreak involved. There is also beauty, joy, compassion, and kindness. By all means, let yourself process and, hopefully learn from, the bad times. But once you have fully set those experiences to rest, open the door to the good. Let your heart and mind choose love. Don't kid yourself.

Emotions are facts. They happen. And we can't control how we feel. If we could we would all be happy every moment. But we can control what and how we decide to think and be deliberate in our actions. Be a force for Love. Be a stand for Connection and Compassion. It's easy to give way to Fear and Anger. Resist. Be senior to that impulse. How your life feels if you embrace the Higher Road is its own reward.

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