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Fear Or Love

It's November and in the wake of terrorist attacks on Paris and Beirut, we are immersed in saber-rattling, anger, and a rush to sanctions. The media is doing its usual best to create division of the populace based on race and religion; therefore handing the creators of these events exactly the outcome they desire...that fear, anger, and divisiveness encourage the outraged west to reject and block any support for the desperate populations of the innocent and ignorant that they rule with iron fists.

Some countries are even discussing turning back refugees from war and hatred for fear some terrorist may be hiding among them. ISIS loves these results. They want us to hate, fear, and reject their people so that they can continue to dominate and abuse them. They design these events, so we will unleash the dogs of war and attack and bomb the thousands of average citizens who were not the architects of these acts. They want us to prove to the man, woman, and child on the street that we are brutal enemies, so they will cling all the more desperately to their puppet masters. They jerk our chains and we respond. As always, little is done to discover these architects and bring them to justice. And so the vicious circle turns.

What can we do as individuals with little to no political clout ourselves? We can turn off the buzz and hate-pumping we hear on television. We can embrace those loving, kind, and moral people who come from different races, religions, and cultures than our own. And we can teach our children to do the same.

Most of all we can remember that it's the month of Thanksgiving. The majority of you who will read these words are safe and warm, fed and clothed, with a roof over your head as winter comes, indoor plumbing, clean water and access to everything that's happening in the world through the internet. We all have an enormous amount to be thankful for. Embracing gratitude and love other than succumbing to hate and fear enriches our souls rather than making us feel small, alone, and afraid.

And just as hate is contagious and breeds more hate; love and gratitude and respect are also contagious. Spread it around.

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