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Slow Down

We all have busy, busy lives these days. We leap up in the morning, hustle off to work, concentrate for hours, deal with the commute, juggle kids, spouses, household chores, bill and tax paying, personal grooming, necessary shopping, yard work and vehicle upkeep. And that's just to stay at Zero. The basics. Nothing particular accomplished, just life lived at an accelerated pace for another day.

Then we wonder why we are a society of short term thinkers; why policy makers can be so short sighted as to destroy the environment and undermine long term needs with short term satisfactions. It's because we don't take the time to breathe, and meditate, and think long thoughts. We don't take long walks in nature feeling ourselves as pieces of it. Or at least we do this very, very little.

One benefit of shorter days and longer nights is the time to be contemplative. Take some time out of the rat race this month to breathe, connect with the beautiful nature of the fall, and indulge in some long term thinking. You'll be so glad you did.

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