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Thank you for your support

Well, first of all, I want to thank each and every one of you for the healing energy you’ve been sending me. It has been thoroughly absorbed and much appreciated!

A special shout out to Steve Brown for his wonderful healing sessions and to James Smith and his lovely wife, Leti Munoz, for sending me the healing stones you see in this picture (recommended by Michael).

I slept with them 6” from my head last night and for the first time since I fainted and fell June 30th, I could touch my head without it hurting this morning. There is still a small crescent moon shaped swelling there, but not a big lump any longer.

Today was also the first day I woke up feeling like “myself “ with my stamina and normal energy levels restored, which is a fantastic feeling.

They are so swamped at Kaiser that I can’t talk to my GP until the 19th but I am very much hoping that he can order a blood panel for me at that time that clears my electrolytes issue and allows me to get my drivers license returned.

I feel 100% recovered from Covid, thank goodness.

And on a completely different note, an odd itchy rash I acquired on my chest in April in Hawaii, that I had originally chalked up to sun poisoning (but would NOT go away!)has suddenly decided to dissipate and is about 98% gone in the last two days with no more itchiness. So hallelujah to that!


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