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Dear friend,

In 2019 I decided to semi retire and scale down my business to reflect my need for better self care and health as I get older. As I want to continue to provide spiritual support with out compromising my mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

After much consideration and meditation I have decided to make some more changes to my business.

Starting May 1st, 2023

1) I will no longer be teaching on Saturdays. I am completing my Saturday Channeling Conference Calls. Our quarterly Ghostie Calls will continue on the 5th Tuesday at 5PM California time.

2) If you want to stay up to date and get some Monthly updates, my business partner Michael North and I channel a monthly Forecast delivered to your email on the first of the month. It’s available for $105 for 3 months or $360 for an annual subscription.

3) If you want to touch in with me more regularly, I have a Manifestation Group, it’s a growing support circle for Michael students to support each other through manifesting their highest good. It's on Facebook, invisible to all users who are not part of the group. It's $100 per month and runs from February to November.

4) As I begin to release my stress I have decided beginning May 1st to hand over my email channeling questions to my daughter Jessica, she has been channeling for about 20 years and can offer wonderful support. The rates remain the same $25/question or $65/ 3 questions.

5) And as always if you want to get channeling from me, my work hours are Mondays and Thursdays 9:30 AM-12:00PM. I can give you a recurring time slot Weekly or Monthly

Thank you for your understanding and support,



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