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Move toward Maturity

Today enough votes will be counted to decide the outcome of the presidential election. Biden is the likely winner, but naturally President Trump will contest that and we may have weeks of recounts, etc. and Trump may succeed in wrestling his power back.

After the last 4 years of politics unlike this country has ever seen, with checks and balances, truth and honor, dignity and gravitas thrown to the wind; many people are wondering how so many Americans could be voting for 4 more years of the same. Because whether you like or dislike Trump’s form of governing, it dismantles governing as we have done it for 200 years and moves us in a more autocratic direction.

And clearly approximately half of the country, according to their votes, are perfectly okay with that.

Some progressives amongst you are shocked at the numbers. We want to remind you that when Trump was elected the first time we were spun into a parallel reality that was in the top percentile of conservative thinking. Attempting to shift in a more progressive direction is attempting to move the most conservative mindsets in reality across the spectrum of parallel realities more towards the center and a more moderate approach.

This is not so easy. And although some strides have been made towards a more central approach, the country is mostly still polarized between very conservative perspectives and very liberal perspectives without a whole lot of common ground in between.

This very movement away from a more democratic approach to governing towards a more autocratic one has happened in empire after empire in the past. If you read history, using say, the Roman Empire for example; you will see the rise to their becoming the most powerful nation on earth, followed by a dismantling of their governmental procedures by Julius Caesar, followed further by a collapse of their young-souled Golden Empire, and a movement towards a more mature outlook eventually. This has happened across the world many times with the British empire, the Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, etc, etc.

The US has a chance to take a gentler approach towards maturity or to follow in the footsteps of the great empires of the past. But make no mistake: empires eventually fall, youth eventually matures. It is inexorable and we only get to choose how it happens, not if.


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