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Dreams Connect You To Your Essence

2022 will lift us out of the 2020-2021 quagmire, though it will still be a slow climb until early March. Nonetheless, we are on a better path and this winter is all about processing deep subconscious material to make way for new and better life patterns in the spring.

Much can be learned by examining what comes forth from the Dreamtime. We’ve recently been asked why dreams are often so cryptic and their messages seem indirect. So, we will address this.

Dreams occur as the hippocampus part of your brain processes information stored in the connections between your brain cells during REM sleep. This information is directed by your Essence using your instinctive center through the subconscious and is composed of thousands of pieces of data collected during this and previous lifetimes while on the Physical Plane, in the Bardo, or on the Astral Plane.

Messages that your Essence, instinctive center and subconscious want you apprised of are condensed into short, multi-leveled movie reels of data, emotion, experience and conjecture that we call Dreams. Dreams are the most effective form of conveying this complex soup of experience, since humans learn best “experientially” and this area of the brain is uniquely designed for this process.

When you fall asleep or wake up you are indeed transferring your focus of awareness to the different planes, but your focus being on the Bardo is no excuse for dreams being indirect.

The Physical Plane is a dance of learning. There is no one direct message to present to a mind that is constantly melting and collapsing into different parallels of experience. What is correct behavior in one parallel will not be called for in another. The messages you see as cryptic are designed to be well rounded and comprehensive in scope so as to express concerns, strategize, examine data, review history, and psychically intuit thousands of different potential parallel futures from one spot on the unfolding geometric tapestry of your millions of past and future parallel selves.

Our suggestion is to record and unpack as much material as you can from your dreams this winter. We’re here to support you if you get lost or confused and there are many resources for finding dream symbol interpretation as well. Don’t let these rich opportunities pass you by.


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