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Allow Yourself Joy

February 1st we entered the progressive, growthful Year of the Tiger. The next day, Groundhog Day gave us our yearly reflection on where we stand presently in terms of old business to be put to rest on the one hand, and readiness to spring forward on the other.

Today is February 3rd and Mercury is going direct. For the next few months all of the planets in our system will be in forward motion.

Everywhere people are itching to hit the accelerator after the last few years.

However, we already see some of you, as the energy for moving towards your goals is gathering, beginning to frantically spin in 20 directions at once; trying to make up for all of the “lost time” of the last two years.

Astrology that should be exciting and thrilling you feels overwhelming as you immediately lay down such a plethora of goals that it looks like a mountain impossible to climb.

Our suggestion: take a breath, unwind with some relaxation techniques; then prioritize your wishes and needs and remind yourself that there is all the time you need to get where you want to go. What you don’t get around to in this lifetime, you’ll pick up in the next. And the next.

Breathe. Let go. Allow yourself joy.


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