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Emotional Support

As I meditated this morning in front of my altar (pictured here) I was pondering about a piece of recent channeling from Michael:

“Emotional Support =Peace and Satisfaction

You can only find true peace and satisfaction if you give and get sufficient emotional support. “

And asking myself and Michael what is Emotional Support? Surely different things mean emotional support to different people.

Well, that’s true. And according to Michael people feel emotionally supported in 4 different ways:

1) Some people feel most loved by tangible evidence of another’s esteem. When you buy them a cup of coffee or a stone for their altar they feel loved and their emotional battery fills up. (This reminded me of the song Santa Baby 😆)

2) “Actions speak louder than words.” For some, if you mow the lawn, repair the leaky faucet, and remember to take out the trash, they feel deeply supported.

3) Cuddlebugs. Some people need physical affection to fill their emotional batteries: rocking on a lap, bandaging an owie, hugs, kisses, massages, foot rubs, sex.

4) Words. For these folks, literally telling them that they make a difference, sharing what you like about them, that they have done a good job, or simply that they are loved fills them up.

Apparently, according to Michael, we all like all of these at least a bit, but one or two in particular really do the trick. Michael suggested that we look to see which it is for us, so that we could share that with our loved ones since we seem to give what we’d like to get rather than what the recipient desires. Interesting 🤔 thought!

I saw right away that I’m a 4 (minoring in 3 😁) so I thought to share that right away. I think we could all benefit from this exercise, so here it is!

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