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Tree of Life

Michael often relates our existence on the physical plane as residing on the Tree of Life, with a main trunk of reality and many branches of parallel universes; slightly to wildly different. Some thick branches are millions of parallels thick each having only slight differences from one another. Rarer realities make up thinner branches, and the especially odd or unique are way out on a limb, metaphorically represented by a twig or leaf or bloom.What is rarely discussed is the independent universal sentience of the Tree of Life herself. Why “Herself”? Because she is the earth mother, Gaia to our ancestors, from whom life springs.

Throughout all of the decades I have been channeling, a common concern has been expressed. Are we killing Mother Earth? Are we poisoning her air and water and crops, abusing and driving to extinction her animal life? Might we ruin her forever with our bombs and nuclear waste? And the answer from Michael has always been: “No. Earth will endure.”

Now that we humans have temporarily paused much of our daily impact on the environment around us, the Earth’s recuperative powers are stunning to behold. How quickly she takes advantage of this break to heal Herself!

But there is a larger lesson to be learned here. For the last 200 years, as the last Infant Souls flooded the planet and we all started having concurrent lifetimes to balance their rapid spread, we tapped into fossil fuels and started to factory farm; hybridizing, fertilizing with chemicals, inventing insecticides, mass producing crops, cramming animals into small unhealthy spaces, and spreading the effluvia from all of these practices into our lakes, rivers, and oceans. All to feed our ever-increasing numbers until we have burgeoned from one to almost eight billion human bodies crowding onto the planet.

It is no accident that a virulent virus eventually crossed over from a bat, whose loss of habitat put it into undue contact with humans. It was also inevitable that filthy butchering practices spread the disease to humans. What most people haven’t stopped to consider is that unless we humans change our relationship with the rest of life on Earth and move away from the Young Soul perspective that the world is our possession to abuse and dominate, and shift to a Mature perspective of living in harmony with Nature, more epidemics will follow.

We all know that it is time for humanity to mature and address issues like climate change, pollution, starvation, clean water and a toxic food supply chain. What we hadn’t stopped to consider is that our lives are literally at stake.

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