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Big Nexus

This weekend we begin the biggest nexus of 2020. You’ll feel it begin around the world, blossoming on Saturday and Sunday and proceeding for a week.

It is no accident that this nexus encompasses Mother’s Day. May has always been a month devoted to the Divine Mother and Mother Nature: as above, so below.

It’s why we change our yearly platforms at this time, since they signal the birthing of new possibilities and lessons within us. And it is also no accident that this nexus encompasses platform shift time.

We are poised on the brink of great change and preparing for a visitation from Infinite guidance.

This is why we asked you to envision a life for yourselves 5 years into the future. Many of you have felt unable to do this because you get bogged down in not seeing the future well enough to know what’s “feasible”.

We are not concerned with feasibility. We want your dream, your ideal, your personal utopia. It is standing in that place of HIGH ALTITUDE (above the drama of the pandemic, the political/soul age war, and the interruption of your routine) that you can find peace, balance, and centeredness; and keep your eye, during this huge transformation, on the future you would like to bring forward. For you; for your family, friends, and community; and for the World.

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