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There is a video circulating around right now of a Dr Judy Mikovits. She had a big dust up with the CDC and Dr Fauci over taking classified material home from a lab. She was arrested and detained and completely freaked out and from what we can see, walked right out of her body and balance. She is angry and has Major karma with Fauci.

She felt very “done to” and dove down into Deep State conspiracy theories. She’s very intelligent but has also really lost touch with reality. (If things were truly as corrupt as she says, she would never have been released from custody).

She has a lot of logical sounding garbage to say about Bill Gates, Fauci, etc. Some of it...the part about greed driving some medications and vaccines onto the market before they are safe, for instance, actually happens. But there is no conspiracy to sicken or kill the masses to “control” them.

There is no 5G conspiracy either (or 5G effect on viruses: there were epidemics throughout history before we harnessed electricity, after all and there are Coronavirus deaths in countries with no 5G).

Some of this sounds rational and sane. It’s not, even though it sounds believable because the people discussing it believe it themselves. For example, doctors pushing hydroxychloroquine, when it has dangerous side effects and was given to thousands out of desperation in NY and did no good whatsoever. Neither does light therapy, or the MMS(sp?) product made from bleach that Trump heard about and caused him to suggest ingesting the stuff.

And as far as not washing hands or wearing masks because your immune system will break would take months, maybe years, for any cleanliness practice to impact the immune system.

This virus did not escape from a lab. From Wuhan or elsewhere. That has been investigated by people with no skin in the game who would not profit by lying. It could have. Someday one might. This one didn’t. And the thought that someone released it on purpose is patently absurd. It would be easy enough to wage chemical warfare on an enemy once you have an antidote for your own people. No one would infect the whole world. There is no profit in it.

There is so much of this stuff! And it’s written and filmed to sound so logical.

We realize that power corrupts, and that rich and powerful people can and do sometimes perpetrate despicable things. It’s also tempting to believe some evil cabal is behind it all because that would mean humans are in control at some level.

We’re not. Did we cause this? We certainly did. Indirectly. Out of ignorance, laziness, and greed. We over-populated the planet, trashed bat habitats (and they have super strong immune systems, so we really don’t do well with their crossover illnesses), and generally maltreat the animals we eat and leave our poor to be malnourished and living in squalor. This makes a perfect soup for epidemics. So we don’t really need conspiracy theories. We need to grow up and stop abusing the planet or pay the consequences.

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