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Further conversation with the Mother:

Once I opened up the door in my meditations to Gaia, the images just came flooding in. The Earth is in a state of renewal and recuperation. As challenging as it may be, as children of the Earth, we can use some of this sheltering time to renew and replenish our strength as well. We don’t have to simply cower in fear. We can choose to accept the ability to rest and the renewal of Spring if we embrace that perspective.

That does not mean embracing denial and pretending the pandemic doesn’t exist. Be brave, not foolish, says the Mother.

And sometimes bravery is not found in fighting and defending; but rather in acceptance, calm, and the beauty of nature. As for myself, I use my garden to embrace that peace. Your path may be different. But take this opportunity to bravely spend some time today in Beauty and Peace.

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