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Clearing Undergrowth

In this morning’s meditation I asked the spirit of Gaia (Mother Earth) to come to me. I check in with her from time to time. She comes to me in different aspects, but at this moment appeared very similar to the goddess picture below: Wild and free and full of intense LIFE.

The Earth is taking a breather while humanity deals with this pandemic and she’s not wasting any time producing abundant growth; healing her land, seas, and air while she can.

I felt no animosity towards humankind. Actually much the opposite, she loves all of the living things on her planet, including us.

She seemed to view this process the way we look at pruning or trimming a tree, as somehow beneficial for us in the long run.

Her view of the virus was much different than the pictures we see in the media and more closely resembled the mandala pictured below: a highly mathematical and focused force glowing with Fire Energy that pulls the air from our lungs like fire consuming all in its path. And similar to fire or lava, burning away and leaving great gaps of blank virgin landscape in its path.

It gave me an opportunity to look at the pandemic from the perspective of the living planet. What we see as tragedy, she sees as clearing undergrowth; and the virus itself as a cleansing agent.

But the suffering! I projected. And she showed me the huge wildfires consuming much of the planet. Part of life’s lesson is suffering, she sent back calmly. So I sat with it and accepted that as truth.

I don’t like it. I want to fix it. And yet, I see her point of view. It’s also an opportunity for the human race to grow.

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