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Epidemic during Easter??

Today in the news, Kentucky representative Thomas Massie made it clear that he would not support a unanimous vote on the relief bill, but would demand a quorum. What this means is that Congressmen and women need to travel to meet in person and to gather regardless of social distancing recommendations in order to vote it through. A unanimous vote could be done remotely.

In other news, the governor of Mississippi ordered his constituents back to work rescinding shelter in place orders that some of his cities had put in place. And many preachers have continued to draw large congregations to church claiming that either the virus is a hoax or that their followers were immune due to their faith in God.

President Trump himself has talked about packing people into churches this Easter, which will be during the highlight of the epidemic.

I’ve been asked why intelligent authority figures would do such a thing. Setting aside politics and denial, from a spiritual viewpoint we have to understand that many infant, baby, and young souls have never suffered through or died in an epidemic. It’s a basic human experience. Leaders providing infection vectors give those who want to participate a chance to do so. This is essence directed, not personality directed. No one forces individuals to listen to these authorities and people can choose to practice good self care whatever they are told.

Is it upsetting to watch? Yes. Does it disturb us to think of the societal repercussions, like noble health workers being overwhelmed due to the tidal wave of infections this will cause? Absolutely. But it’s happening nonetheless and there is this underlying component to consider.

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