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Please stick with the Virologists

There is a YouTube video circulating around blaming the pandemic on 5G electromagnetism. I’ve been asked about this a dozen times now, so here’s my two cents.

The speaker is clearly sincere and goes on to correlate every recent outbreak of disease to increases in our use of electricity. And he extrapolates this from his studies of Rudolf Steiner, the philosophical genius who, among other things, founded the Waldorf Schools.

He sounds so logical but it is simply not true. And worse, he intimates that people with any metal in their bodies (like joint replacements) are likelier to get infected.

I get that he believes this theory, but people have only had electricity for a couple hundred years and we’ve regularly had epidemics for thousands of years.

There are many things that coincide with viral spread. I could make a case for left-handed children being born before there’s an epidemic. Why? Because more epidemics happen when there’s a spurt of population growth and therefore density, so whenever we have more kids (right or left handed) we get epidemics sometime thereafter.

Blaming it on the lefties is just a way to get people prejudiced against a minority. And anything that demonizes a minority is more readily adopted as a conspiracy theory. Luckily, I’m not evil so I wouldn’t do that.

But it’s dangerous to take outdated thinking like Steiner’s (who was a genius, but had to work within the scientific parameters of his day) and apply it to our very different present circumstances. It’s an interesting theory, but it’s not science. We don’t need to demonize technology and spread even more fear. Please stick with the virologists here.

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