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Focus on Solutions

In the last couple of days our country has again done what it’s gotten so good at doing: creating a dialectic forming two irate camps fomenting hate and rage. On the one hand, we have Compassion camp; ready to practice social distancing until a vaccine is in place. On the other hand, we have the Darwinians, positing that the old and weak die regularly regardless of the pandemic and touting the reality that the economy won’t hold up to an 18 month shutdown.

As is usual in these kind of arguments, each side entrenched itself behind worst case scenarios and then armors themselves with horrifying predictions proving to themselves that they are in the right and those horrible, unfeeling people on the other side are wrong.

I’m sorry but we don’t have the luxury of playing these war games any more. Because while we are fighting each other the virus will win.

We need to be focusing on solutions using all of our human ingenuity to create an outcome wherein none of these horrible projections take place.

How about instead of fighting and inflaming one another we put our efforts behind making equipment for our medical staff and supporting them in better hygiene to keep our hospitals up and running through the worst weeks? Also putting tremendous will and focus on getting Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE tested for COVID 19.