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Dealing with the new Coronavirus

Before we let our channels talk about techniques and tips, we wanted to say something directly about the nature of the challenge and opportunity that this new pandemic brings to the planet.

What they have to say about techniques and tips is material that you’ve heard for several years from them. We are just trying to collect it all in one place for future easy reference in dealing with any kind of a flu that comes out of the coronavirus strains. This material does not directly apply to noroviruses or bacterial infections.

If you have a different illness, we encourage you to contact one of our channels directly for consultation as well as medical professionals since we can’t write an overarching document that covers every situation.

The material contained in this document has been verified with immunologists and other medical professionals who are also our students as to their veracity and applicability.

The major opportunity here is for humans to work more closely together to solve global problems. The lessons learned here can be applied to global warming, air and water pollution, overcrowding, famine, climate change and many other issues that still exist on the planet and will for some time.

Forcing each country to work cooperatively with other countries and their citizenry whether in the private sector, public sector or just part of the general population, can be very challenging. Humans do not like change as a rule. They often resist new opportunities presented to them especially if they are younger souls.

In this discussion, the whole concept of “younger soul” can be a misnomer. There are souls that are more enlightened about cooperation and understanding than others. Just because someone has had more lifetimes on this planet does not mean that they are more enlightened. So, consider this an opportunity to see the level of enlightenment individuals have achieved rather than simply how many lifetimes they’ve had that created that enlightenment.

Not everyone will become enlightened by this pandemic. It may be their personal karma to become enlightened later. Trying to force everyone to adapt to your viewpoint will only frustrate you. We encourage you to welcome anyone who chooses to step into a higher state of enlightenment. Pushing others toward compassion will engage their defense mechanisms which will make reaching them even more challenging. All one can do is present facts and implore appropriate actions.

This matter is deathly serious. The amount of people that will die from this may end up being staggering. This is much, much larger than a normal flu season. Though it may regress to fewer cases over the summer, it will return in the fall. It likely will end up killing over 2 million Americans (in the very worst parallels 3 million) and 6-12 million people worldwide by the time a vaccine is determined, developed, tested, manufactured and delivered in sufficient quantities to develop the herd immunity that’s required to stop it idenfinitely. That could take as long as three years to roll out, despite current optimism.

We think up to 60% of the US population will get infected in the worst case scenario. That is in about 15% of the parallels. The rest of the parallels will see at least 40% of the population get this virus. Many will not get any symptoms. Only a small fraction, perhaps 5%, will need extended hospital care. But it’s a staggering number and vastly underrated. A peak is coming where hospitals are overwhelmed by mid-April.

We don’t mean to be alarmist but this is what is coming. The best solution ultimately is having so many people getting it that the waves slow down because there aren’t people who can catch it. Doing that while protecting the most vulnerable will be as challenging a problem as the country has faced since World War 2.

It’s also a coronavirus which is a class of viruses. They don’t leave the planet. They may remain dormant for quite some period of time. That could mean years or even decades before they return. All you can do is develop vaccines to protect everyone so that the virus cannot be communicated from one person to another.

You should not depend solely on the voice and reason of your political leaders. This is an opportunity to embrace scientific knowledge as well as scientific learning techniques. What we understand about the virus today will change over time. Think of the knowledge as mutating along with the virus’s mutation course. Be patient with others as everyone learns more about how this virus is going to behave, in terms of how it’s born, spread and extinguished. This is a joint planetary learning exercise.

The coronavirus presented to you is somewhat larger than the typical coronavirus but is still measured in millionths of a meter in diameter. It is covered with a layer of fat which contains RNA. Each coronavirus has protrusions that allow it to latch onto the cells inside your nose and throat and mouth. Those protrusions jab into your cells, suck out components needed for growth and explode. This is a very simple explanation of a complex process, but generally correct without getting highly technical.

That exploding cell inside you contaminates cells nearby it with other virus particles and slowly your immune system attacks it with white corpuscles creating phlegm, mucus and water as a defense mechanism. So the virus operates in a parasitic manner. Viruses depend on a host cell in order to survive. explode and spread using elements from inside the cell that creates a new fat layer around the virus RNA and then spreads. It’s an insidiously effective mechanism of reproduction. Without a host, the virus will eventually disintegrate and become harmless.

We want to talk specifically about the fat layer also known in scientific circles as a lipid protein. The fat layer on this particular virus is relatively thick as compared to other coronaviruses. That means it requires a little bit of extra cleansing in order to have the fat layer dissolve. There are several ways to get the fat layer to dissolve which we will explain now.

Soap is the most effective treatment because it emulsifies the fat around the coronavirus that you’re dealing with. Once that fat layer dissolves like the candy shell of an M and M, the RNA has nothing to protect it from the outside world and it is rendered inert.

Soap is most effective at destroying the fat layer. The soap, water and agitation emulsifies the soap and quickly disintegrates the fat shell of the virus. That is the key thing to remember for any activity that you take. Where possible, use soap, water and agitation either by scrubbing or shaking or whatever it is you need to do in order to create a foam.

Alcohol and bleach products including hydrogen peroxide are not quite as effective as soap. There is a concern about surfaces that you may use these alcohol or bleach products on. Not every surface in your home that you want to clean responds well to either bleach or alcohol. We should make a note that when we say alcohol we don’t mean the alcohol that you drink. Hard alcohol or any other consumable alcohol is not an effective treatment externally or internally for killing this virus.

So it’s important to know the nature of the surface you’re trying to clean to figure out the best product to use if soap is not available or is impractical. We appreciate you’d like a one-size-fitsall or a series of two or three different techniques used to do the proper cleaning. All we can say is use soap and water particularly hot water where possible on the surface whether it’s your counters or clothing or fabrics. If soap is not available or is impractical then check to see what the nature of the surface is to see if bleach or an alcohol-based mixture is the most effective without damaging the surface or article you are trying to clean.

There is much disagreement about how long the virus will last when not inside a human being. That varies substantially by conditions. How much virus there is, how much heat there is, what’s the porosity of the surface you’re working about as well as how well it grasps the protrusions of the virus. We encourage you to anticipate that the virus will last at least 24 hours on any surface you have so you need to do cleansing several times daily of commonly used surfaces touched by hands.

Your hands unfortunately work well to temporarily host this parasitic virus. You put your hands all over your face (the average person touches their face at least 90 times a day) which gives the virus proximity to your insides through your nose, or mouth, or even your eyes and ears although the mouth and nose are the easiest way for the virus to get into your body.

How much virus is ingested seems to be, at least so far, the biggest indicator of how quickly it will replicate. The virus attacks immune systems that have been compromised. It is particularly hideously aggressive against people with high blood pressure, lung dysfunction and diabetes type 2. There are many complex reasons for this which we will not go into. But it is an established medical fact that this is so.

The virus has a very high initial spread rate which declines rapidly. That’s causing confusion among scientists so far since the infection increases, spreads quickly, then trails off quickly; but allow level of infection lingers from several days to perhaps several weeks depending on how much virus you have ingested and then propagated, leaving the amount of time to quarantine in question.

So this virus, at its peak of spread and shedding from some of you to others is one of the more challenging viruses this planet has ever seen. Only a few diseases have ever had a more aggressive component of peak spread (as opposed to average spread) than this virus in the history of civilization.

While it attacks older people with ferocity, that does not mean someone young is not capable of being seriously impacted by this virus. It is just far less likely to the point where it appears that people under the age of 19 are only hit by this as though it’s a mild to very severe flu. But even a very severe flu can migrate into bacterial pneumonia which can disable even a healthy person for several weeks. Again the greater the exposure to the virus in terms of its volume, the more serious the case seems to be outside of the nature of the person’s overall health of their immune system.

This also spreads by direct contact or by contact through water droplets that are expelled from another person. So the closer you are to people, the more likely you can become infected by this virus. This is called proximate transmission.

That also means the denser the population, the faster the spread will be. We have seen that in countries where there is high population density. This will spread faster on the coasts of the United States than it will in the heartland. This will hit New Jersey and New York and California and Washington along the coastlines harder than it will hit Wyoming or Eastern Nebraska because the population density is lower. The more people you are around, the more likely you are to eventually contract this virus. We call this proximate opportunity.

Combine short term high spreadability with high proximate opportunities for spread and you see the wildfire-like progression of infections in more populated areas.

Again, this virus will be around for quite some time. Even though it looks to take somewhat of a hiatus in the United States by May or June, it will return in full force in the fall and last all winter eventually infecting as many as 200 million Americans over the next 2 years. We know that this is 2/3 of the population, but please remember that many, many of those infected will experience either no symptoms at all or nothing more than a light to severe cold. We mention this statistic to encourage the least viral spread possible.

There are antiviral treatments being tested. They do seem to have some impact in the reduction of viral spread but they are not completely effective at suppression in all people. Developing truly effective anti-viral treatments will require months and months of testing to see what combination of replication inhibitors work best for this particular virus.

Distribution of partially effective antiviral treatments that are generally available now will not be distributed until mid-summer, at least in the United States, let alone anywhere else on the planet.

In terms of prevention, several simple steps are very effective at lessening the impact or preventing the impact of the virus upon you and people you care about. First wash your hands with soap and water particularly hot water for at least 20 seconds. Do so after every meal. Do so after going outside and interacting with other human beings even if you are not touching them. Do so before you go to bed so you do not bring a wide variety of viruses into your bedsheets as well as anyone you may be sleeping there. Isolation of people who show active symptoms of this virus is extremely important.

Understand that anything that goes into your mouth like a WaterPik, toothbrush or eating utensils can carry the virus for quite some time. You should rotate your toothbrushes daily. We encourage you not use the same toothbrush day after day but alternate even if you clean them thoroughly each day with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol and rinse them completely, then leaving them out to dry completely and then rinse them again with extremely hot water before you use them again. For silverware and plates and other dishware, pots, and utensils, wash them in a dishwasher. If you don’t have a mechanical dishwasher, use the hottest possible water that you can, scrub each item with a sponge, scrubber or your hands to help dissolve that fat coating on the virus. Microwave your sponge after each cleaning session for one minute on the highest setting.

Clothing should only be worn for 24 hours. Viruses as they spread throughout the environment over time will collect on your clothing. Depending on the type of clothing, the virus can exist without degradation of the fat layer for at least 24 hours. It may not be easy to wash every piece of clothing after every use, like a woman’s brassiere, but we would encourage you to do so if you possibly can. Treat your laundry as though it hosts the virus. Clean your clothes on the warmest water setting that they can tolerate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash them for an extended period of time if possible. Water, soap and agitation will destroy the fat layer of the virus

Drying clothes where possible according to manufacturing specifications also helps destroy any remaining viruses and their fat layers.

Finally, we must repeat that this is a lesson in enlightenment and demonstration of the interconnectedness of humanity. You are as strong as the health of your weakest societal members. The arrival of enlightenment amongst your population will be uneven. Do not become disheartened at first as many among you will resist understanding how important it is that they take proper precautions. Not every soul is ready to confront that they are codependent with every other being on the planet for their survival. That is the lesson of the mature soul phase of this planet’s evolution.

Enlightenment will come as it does and agitating other souls who may not be as enlightened as you are will only cause them to draw upon their fear as a protection rather than using reason, common sense and mutual appreciation as their guideposts.

This will require tremendous patience for all of you. Welcome those that suddenly understand how codependent they are with everyone else here.

It will become very easy during the spring and fall outbreaks to become not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually isolated. We encourage you to expand your communication circles and check in with each other. Give emotional support to each other since you are all going through this process at different speeds and different levels of awareness. Isolation is one of the most terrifying lessons humans experience. It’s just as dangerous as rejection. You expressing anger and frustration toward others will negatively stimulate their instinctive centers.

Taking consistent actions will limit the fear that can come as waves of viral expansion take place. Taking protective action is empowering and actually reduces the odds of becoming significantly exposed.

It’s also not determinable yet exactly how this virus outbreak will expand beyond June. That is because humanity has tremendous creativity and capacity to come up with spectacular treatment regimens that are not currently even on the planet yet. The old axiom of necessity is the mother of invention certainly applies here. Antiviral treatments may become available that are so effective that a fall outbreak is minimized significantly. The virus may also mutate over time into a less lethal version of itself.

The anti-viral treatments may not become widely available by fall. That would mean despite herd immunity being partially acquired by the population with this initial outbreak, a serious uptick in cases still looms through the fall and winter, especially if the virus mutates. We believe a mutation is possible even though this class of viruses have yet to show a large mutation rate.

Now is the time to eat properly by eating fresh, whole foods if you can or food that has been properly canned with low amounts of salt and sugar. Flash frozen food is also particularly useful for staying healthy at this time.

Reduce your sugar intake since the virus feeds well when sugar is added to cells it invades. Consumption of alcohol causes inflammation that spreads the virus faster throughout your body. Smoking of any substance inflames your lungs and makes you more susceptible to invasion and even cellular destruction.

Pay attention to state and local as well as applicable federal guidelines for behavior modification as this virus outbreak continues. There is no defeating it. There’s only adapting yourself and your environment to it while herd immunity limits its spread in the fall and through the winter in the best case scenario.

Your channels will now describe tips and techniques to use to help protect you as much as possible. These are suggestions for behavior that give you greater control of your environment. The higher level of risk that you have (age, health and population density), the more of these we would encourage you to adopt.

Personal Health and Hygiene

Wash your hands routinely with soap and water, particularly hot water for at least 20 seconds. Do so after every meal. Do so before you prepare any food or consume any food. Do so after venturing outside and we encourage you to do so before you venture outside. Don’t bring the virus with you to people who are susceptible. Do so after an extended contact with people inside your home. This means you may end up washing your hands 8 to 10 times a day for a while. However soap and water is far cheaper than infection.

Only put something in your mouth one time before you clean it and rotate everything that you use for daily oral cleaning. Cleaning mouth utensils like toothbrushes, WaterPik items and so on with Hydrogen peroxide and rinsing with hot water is effective in killing the virus.

Routinely clean any brush or comb that you use.

For individuals that apply makeup for beautification, try to alternate the use of the same utensil that you use for makeup each day so that if the virus becomes attached to them, the virus has a chance to disintegrate in the environment. We appreciate how much of a hassle this is but prevention is much better than infection.

We appreciate what a hassle this is for women, so you must figure out a routine that you’re comfortable with. We encourage you to wash your face of all makeup after you return from your daily activities and are home for the night rather than waiting until right before bedtime.

Wash your hands and face before bedtime as well as just after arising each morning.

The use of Zicam products is particularly effective against this product. Zicam comes in many different applications. There are tubes that have cotton swabs in them infused with Zicam. They can be used to line your nostrils every three hours. They seem to be very effective in reducing the ingestion and spread of this particular virus. Zicam lozenges that you allow to dissolve in the back of your throat also destroy the virus fat layers very effectively.

Stay home if you are ill, as you are protecting the lives of others in society by doing so as well as your own.

Gargling with hot saltwater where the salt is thoroughly dissolved in the water and then spitting it out helps destroy the fat layer around the virus. It also activates your immune system to properly respond early so the virus can be encapsulated by white corpuscles and then swallowed into your stomach through general physiological activity where the stomach acid destroys the fat layer, preventing its ability to replicate.

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue, then wash your hands, face, AND the clothing on your elbow with soap and hot water soon after. If you cannot keep up with your coughing and sneezing, then you should call a medical professional for advice.

Hydration and sleep are also excellent tools to maintain and enhance your immune system.

Deep breathing for five minutes each morning and evening can help expand your lung capacity which may become important to you if you the virus attacks you.

Your clothes and living space

Wash clothes with soap and water based on manufacturer instructions with extra-long wash cycles to increase agitation. Use the dryer where possible.

Check your cell phone’s instruction as most need special cleaning. It may prove easier to buy an enclosed case for the phone that has a plastic shield over the screen that can be cleaned easily.

Clean your remote controls with wipes using diluted alcohol (less than 100% but more than 55%) at least twice a day

Switch to a new towel every 72 hours or less and any washcloths get that are used should be washed after each use. Soap and water is cheaper than infection.

Treat your laundry as though it has some virus on it because soon, if you spend any time outdoors, it will. It may not have this particular virus on it yet, but it has some form of virus on it almost certainly, and you really don’t want to become ill at all right now. Don’t leave clothes on the floor. Avoid putting clothes on beds or furniture unless they’re clean. Wash bedding every 3 days. More often if you cough, sneeze, or get any bodily fluids on your bed.

Change your shoes every single day so than any virus that you may acquire out and about can disintegrate. This also goes for coats that you may need to protect yourself from the environment.

Gloves can be used in environments where you suspect viruses are active or where they have been confirmed. That protects your hands from having viruses latch onto them

. Clean all environments with hot water and soap that you contact frequently unless soap is impractical because of the surface and then switch over to bleach products or alcohol-based products.

Many people will want to use 100% rubbing alcohol. That actually doesn’t work as well as slightly lower amounts of alcohol combined with water as water helps emulsify the alcohol even microscopically which helps dissolve the fat layer of the viruses.

If someone actively has a virus in your house then cover any places that they sit with sheets so that when they go to bed you can remove those sheets and wash them and not get the virus all over couches and chairs.

We suggest making an immune system boosting drink made with one bunch of parsley, one cup of clean water, the juice of one lemon or lime and a tsp. of Manuka honey. Blend it in the blender, strain it, and give everyone in the household a shot of it daily. Supplements that help with preventing infection from this particular virus: turmeric, Vitamins D and C, quercetin, COQ10, and reishi mushroom. If you’ve been exposed or feel that you have caught it: olive leaf, oregano oil, elderberry, zinc lozenges, and various homeopathic remedies (Oscillococcinum, Gelsemium, and Bryonia amongst others, ask your homeopath) can help your immune system fight it off.

Be as calm as possible around children and elderly people. Fear can only be suppressed so far and having episodes of concern is perfectly normal. Understanding that there are sufficient medical resources available to your community in almost every case at this time can help you maintain calm for yourself and others around you. Testing to see if you are infected with this virus will become free or reimbursable by the end of March.

Turn off the coronavirus news and remove yourself from social media for most of the day. A brief check in is sufficient. You become hooked into other people’s fear when you interact with social media or television reporting on the outbreak for substantial lengths of time.

Just because you don’t have symptoms doesn’t mean that you don’t have the virus in your environment or on your person. It will become difficult to maintain discipline as far as cleanliness and hygiene, and consumption of food. The challenge of discipline increases the longer this outbreak lasts, but try to remember that you are protecting vulnerable others by safe practices.

We specially discourage the use of cruise ships although the cruise industry seems to understand they have a particular challenge around their environment and most of them are now closed. We discourage high-risk individuals from traveling for on airplanes unless it is absolutely necessary. Airlines are doing a very good job of installing and/or maintaining HEPA filters to keep the cabins as fresh as possible. Soon, their sanitation techniques will become enhanced to the point where air travel even for moderate risk individuals will be safe. But we discourage any sort of airline travel for high-risk individuals until this outbreak is over. It’s just too easy to catch it at the airport as well as in the airplane.

Mike and JP are available for personal consultation if you’d like specific instructions or advice on how to proceed.

Most of the people that catch this will survive it easily although perhaps as many as 10% of the people who catch it will be significantly impacted including pneumonia and for about 2% of the population that catch it, it will result in death or significant worsening of their health.

We’ll provide updates as situations shift either for better or for worse. We encourage you to follow the advice of professionals if there is a slightest doubt as to what you should do in a situation.

Thank you for your attention,

JP, Mike and Michael.

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