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Dealing with the new Coronavirus

Before we let our channels talk about techniques and tips, we wanted to say something directly about the nature of the challenge and opportunity that this new pandemic brings to the planet.

What they have to say about techniques and tips is material that you’ve heard for several years from them. We are just trying to collect it all in one place for future easy reference in dealing with any kind of a flu that comes out of the coronavirus strains. This material does not directly apply to noroviruses or bacterial infections.

If you have a different illness, we encourage you to contact one of our channels directly for consultation as well as medical professionals since we can’t write an overarching document that covers every situation.

The material contained in this document has been verified with immunologists and other medical professionals who are also our students as to their veracity and applicability.

The major opportunity here is for humans to work more closely together to solve global problems. The lessons learned here can be applied to global warming, air and water pollution, overcrowding, famine, climate change and many other issues that still exist on the planet and will for some time.

Forcing each country to work cooperatively with other countries and their citizenry whether in the private sector, public sector or just part of the general population, can be very challenging. Humans do not like change as a rule. They often resist new opportunities presented to them especially if they are younger souls.

In this discussion, the whole concept of “younger soul” can be a misnomer. There are souls that are more enlightened about cooperation and understanding than others. Just because someone has had more lifetimes on this planet does not mean that they are more enlightened. So, consider this an opportunity to see the level of enlightenment individuals have achieved rather than simply how many lifetimes they’ve had that created that enlightenment.

Not everyone will become enlightened by this pandemic. It may be their personal karma to become enlightened later. Trying to force everyone to adapt to your viewpoint will only frustrate you. We encourage you to welcome anyone who chooses to step into a higher state of enlightenment. Pushing others toward compassion will engage their defense mechanisms which will make reaching them even more challenging. All one can do is present facts and implore appropriate actions.

This matter is deathly serious. The amount of people that will die from this may end up being staggering. This is much, much larger than a normal flu season. Though it may regress to fewer cases over the summer, it will return in the fall. It likely will end up killing over 2 million Americans (in the very worst parallels 3 million) and 6-12 million people worldwide by the time a vaccine is determined, developed, tested, manufactured and delivered in sufficient quantities to develop the herd immunity that’s required to stop it idenfinitely. That could take as long as three years to roll out, despite current optimism.

We think up to 60% of the US population will get infected in the worst case scenario. That is in about 15% of the parallels. The rest of the parallels will see at least 40% of the population get this virus. Many will not get any symptoms. Only a small fraction, perhaps 5%, will need extended hospital care. But it’s a staggering number and vastly underrated. A peak is coming where hospitals are overwhelmed by mid-April.

We don’t mean to be alarmist but this is what is coming. The best solution ultimately is having so many people getting it that the waves slow down because there aren’t people who can catch it. Doing that while protecting the most vulnerable will be as challenging a problem as the country has faced since World War 2.

It’s also a coronavirus which is a class of viruses. They don’t leave the planet. They may remain dormant for quite some period of time. That could mean years or even decades before they return. All you can do is develop vaccines to protect everyone so that the virus cannot be communicated from one person to another.

You should not depend solely on the voice and reason of your political leaders. This is an opportunity to embrace scientific knowledge as well as scientific learning techniques. What we understand about the virus today will change over time. Think of the knowledge as mutating along with the virus’s mutation course. Be patient with others as everyone learns more about how this virus is going to behave, in terms of how it’s born, spread and extinguished. This is a joint planetary learning exercise.

The coronavirus presented to you is somewhat larger than the typical coronavirus but is still measured in millionths of a meter in diameter. It is covered with a layer of fat which contains RNA. Each coronavirus has protrusions that allow it to latch onto the cells inside your nose and throat and mouth. Those protrusions jab into your cells, suck out components needed for growth and explode. This is a very simple explanation of a complex process, but generally correct without getting highly technical.

That exploding cell inside you contaminates cells nearby it with other virus particles and slowly your immune system attacks it with white corpuscles creating phlegm, mucus and water as a defense mechanism. So the virus operates in a parasitic manner. Viruses depend on a host cell in order to survive. explode and spread using elements from inside the cell that creates a new fat layer around the virus RNA and then spreads. It’s an insidiously effective mechanism of reproduction. Without a host, the virus will eventually disintegrate and become harmless.

We want to talk specifically about the fat layer also known in scientific circles as a lipid protein. The fat layer on this particular virus is relatively thick as compared to other coronaviruses. That means it requires a little bit of extra cleansing in order to have the fat layer dissolve. There are several ways to get the fat layer to dissolve which we will explain now.

Soap is the most effective treatment because it emulsifies the fat around the coronavirus that you’re dealing with. Once that fat layer dissolves like the candy shell of an M and M, the RNA has nothing to protect it from the outside world and it is rendered inert.

Soap is most effective at destroying the fat layer. The soap, water and agitation emulsifies the soap and quickly disintegrates the fat shell of the virus. That is the key thing to remember for any activity that you take. Where possible, use soap, water and agitation either by scrubbing or shaking or whatever it is you need to do in order to create a foam.

Alcohol and bleach products including hydrogen peroxide are not quite as effective as soap. There is a concern about surfaces that you may use these alcohol or bleach products on. Not every surface in your home that you want to clean responds well to either bleach or alcohol. We should make a note that when we say alcohol we don’t mean the alcohol that you drink. Hard alcohol or any other consumable alcohol is not an effective treatment externally or internally for killing this virus.

So it’s important to know the nature of the surface you’re trying to clean to figure out the best product to use if soap is not available or is impractical. We appreciate you’d like a one-size-fitsall or a series of two or three different techniques used to do the proper cleaning. All we can say is use soap and water particularly hot water where possible on the surface whether it’s your counters or clothing or fabrics. If soap is not available or is impractical then check to see what the nature of the surface is to see if bleach or an alcohol-based mixture is the most effective without damaging the surface or article you are trying to clean.

There is much disagreement about how long the virus will last when not inside a human being. That varies substantially by conditions. How much virus there is, how