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Energy of the week: Roll with Reality

We really felt the earthquake last night here in Hercules, CA, where I live. Only 4.7, but the epicenter in nearby Pleasant Hill made it quite strong at our place. Cats went crazy. Crystals, statuary and knick -knacks flew off the bookshelves, and the medicine chest dumped everything. Pictures all went crooked on the walls. Fan went flying. Luckily the huge painting over my bed was well secured.

Well, after the earthquake, the refinery 2 miles away in Rodeo exploded and shook the house again. Both sides of Hwy 80 ( the major freeway artery through our town) caught fire 🔥 and they've closed part of it down as well as some roads in Rodeo. (We had to pick up my baby grandson early because his daycare might be inaccessible).

We were informed by the Hercules police and fire departments that we needed to stay inside with windows closed due to toxic smoke for awhile, but the wind took it out over the water and further East, so they lifted that caution. So far no one is being ordered to evacuate, but the fire is not under control yet.

UPDATE: Shortly after I posted those paragraphs we had Another earthquake shake the house.

And did I mention the traffic lights were flickering from green to red and back again? Very confusing; but we’re used to that since PG&E, our power company, has been messing with the power for almost a week. So at least everyone is driving very carefully around here.

This is representative of the Energy of this week. Chaos creating, destroying, releasing energy to go in new directions. Resistance is futile. Instead, roll with reality through the changing landscape to the other side.

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