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Energy of the week: Back to the Main Trunk

Well, it’s finally happening. There are many parallel universes of reality and a piece of our consciousness exists in every one of them. If you use the metaphor of the “tree of life”, most of these exist on the main trunk of reality, because there is a tendency to evolve in a pattern. Sometimes we find ourselves in the main trunk and life feels normal. Other times we are thrust out to a branch or even a twig.

This baby/young souled backlash of super-conservatism is a twig parallel that we have been thrust out to since the last presidential election (though the entire world is experiencing this, not just America). However, as is always the case the main trunk always magnetizes twigs back towards itself over time, like pendulum swings always return to center.

We are now beginning to move back to the main trunk of reality. This may be disconcerting for those who enjoyed the conservative swing. It may also cause bumps in the road through swings in the real estate, stock, and commodities markets; as well as temporary political instability. But ultimately it will feel like “normality” returns. This is a good thing.

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