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Energy of the week: Check your Astrology

We’re entering an unusual metaphysical time period that brings us different energies to watch out for or embrace according to our astrological signs:

Aries: this is a kick back week for you, good for relaxation but hard to get motivated; great week for vacation

Taurus: all about new learning and advanced education; Taurus youngsters especially will take a developmental leap forward

Gemini: you are the highly respected mentors this week; speak - everybody will listen, you have the floor and the respect

Cancer: watch out for small injuries or minor illnesses; good week for Self Care

Leo: limelight is on you; you can’t escape being seen so embrace the attention

Virgo: you’ve hit the jackpot! Luck and opportunities are pouring in, open up and accept them; great time for new ventures

Libra: romance is in the air; cuddle up to your sweetie or, if you’re single, it’s a great time to find a brand new love interest

Scorpio: watch where you’re going; it’s easy to get lost right now; keep things simple

Sagittarius: adventures abound; now is the time to take a risk and hit that bucket list

Capricorn: you are all about family, tribe, and bonding with your nearest and dearest; enjoy the intimacy

Aquarius: time to make those major decisions; you are at the crossroads, but not for long

Pisces: be really careful with your communications right now; it is incredibly easy to be misunderstood and then have to deal with the fallout; think twice before you speak (and give Pisces kids the benefit of the doubt if they get in trouble at school!)

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