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A Very Challenging Place

Hi Everyone! It's been a few months since I have posted here due to my developing a severe anxiety disorder around mid-July. Yes, I had been having a very stressful year, and even with all of my tools for balance, my instinctive center decided to take me on a little journey into extreme panic attacks if I even tried to text or email, let alone open Facebook. I couldn't even sit down to my computer desk without my heart pounding.

Slowly, and with much loving kindness towards myself, I have begun to reconnect with the world, starting with text and email and a few pictures on Instagram. This is my first foray back into blogging and like the little mice peeking through the wheat in this picture, I feel a bit timid and fragile still, but hopeful. My body is finally beginning to respond to the TLC I've been giving it and letting me reconnect with you all.

My spiritual takeaway is that this has all been a huge lesson in Humility and Surrender. The world has been in a very challenging place for the last year, and my life has been a microcosm of that. What has been key to my recovery is to reach out to others for support and remember that no one is an island on this crazy, spinning rock in the sky.

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