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Finding Faith

Many of you know that I have 3 little boys in my life. When I woke the eldest today to get ready for school, he couldn't open his eyes. It was soon clear that he had an eye infection temporarily gluing his eyes shut.

After I gently washed his eyes out with saline and got him some medicine, I held him for awhile with a wash cloth over his eyes. He was scared, distraught and trembling.

As his eyes improved, he calmed down and we talked about how terrifying it is to suddenly be unable to see.

The incident reminded me of how frightening it can be in life to move blindly forward, never knowing what the next day will bring.We all step forward daily, hoping for the best, but never really knowing what's around the corner.

That's where faith comes in. For some it's faith in Jesus, Buddha, or Allah, for others it's faith in a Higher Power or friendship or trusted authority figures. In the end, the most important step is to first have faith in yourself. And the way to do that is to spend each day living within your own integrity and doing your best.

That's what I said to Shane this morning. Sometimes life is scary. You're not alone. We're here together. Just do your best.

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