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Surgery Update

Update: The day after my post a week ago, I fell through the Kaiser pharmaceutical cracks as it were. My surgeon was on vacation, PT and GP our sick. So no one approved my weekly pain medication. I was 3 weeks into a double knee replacement, in constant pain and suddenly cut off of the oxycodone cold turkey.

As you can imagine, this led to a challenging week! I discovered internal resources I didn’t know I had. Did a lot of meditating and very little sleeping due to constant pain, but just kept on staying present as much as possible. PT was excruciating, but I managed it (barely).

I found out that I was not only cleared headed without the opioids, but that the pain (though pretty awful) did not ramp up as high as it had when the drugs were wearing off before. (This gave me great insight as to how people become addicted to this drug-pain avoidance!!) I also found that too much pain and inflammation inhibits improvement.

This whole last week I was still on daily painful shots of blood thinners to avoid blood clots, but since my last day of that was Tuesday, I am now allowed OTC pain killers and turmeric and that has been a game changer in the last day or so. Much more flexibility and ease of walking, less stiffness, and generally less pain all around.

So there you are my homies, all the news that’s fit to print. I wish for all of you a happy pain free holiday full of fun, flowers, and love ❤️🌹💐🌸💐🌹❤️

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