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Manifestation 2018

Come with Me!?

It's a brand new year, and after the chaos of 2017, I am more than ready to work with you and Michael to take us from Chaos to Creation. The supremely high female-energied nature of this parallel can be co- opted for amazing manifestation.

I'm personally ready to go there and very excited about taking you with me! As older souls we deserve to capitalize on this opportunity.

I'm offering a 10- month Manifestation Course starting February 10th with a monthly teleconference call. This course will differ from past channeled classes, because we will stay in contact online throughout the month, as we work on and report in on our monthly goals and assignments.

This course is going to use dozens of tools from the Teaching to take us on an incredible journey of release from restrictions and achievement of our dreams.

I am so excited to share this journey with you! I will be following up this message with personal phone calls to give you more information and details. Because this course will take a lot of my focus and attention I am limiting enrollment to the amount of students I can perfectly serve while still maintaining self care. So if you are interested, call or email me immediately or the class may be full before I get to you on my phone list.

Thank you!

Looking forward to this


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