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More about Our Spirit Guides

People have asked about the spiritual guides that have been working with us lately so I’ll just give an overview.

When humans (or any sentient race) feel a need for a god with certain characteristics to connect with; someone more personal rather than a just a blanket consciousness like the Tao; the Universe responds by breathing life into that persona. So, for instance, when the Norse people expected a God of Thunder to address their storm concerns, Thor was created. These gods are spirits with their own consciousness and are as much a part of the Tao as we are.

Over time, tribes change, cultures evolve, and some gods are no longer worshipped but become archeological myths.

Nonetheless, they still exist and function as the spiritual guides they have always been with the attributes they were “born” with.

They have evolved to various planes of existence just like all creatures with sentience.

The gods, goddesses, and angels created for humanity are still committed to Earth and humanity. We are their people, this is their planet and they love it.

A few months back Michael and I were contacted by a representative of these guides who offered their support for the tumultuous times Earth is going through.

Each guide offered to support the planet through connection to a human partner. They agreed to provide planetary support and health and vigor to their partner in exchange for a connection to the planet through the partner’s eyes and ears.

Guides have no bodies, therefore no physical senses. They feel us as energetic patterns; like “reading computer code rather than experiencing a video game” is how it was described to us.

They get to “plug into the game” and we get energy, health benefits, and support for our planet.

Since that time, people who offer to partner a guide let us know, and we see who steps up as a partner and in turn let you know.

They also guide me to find some artistic rendition that they feel represents how they see themselves through our perspective so that you can put that image somewhere to help to connect with them. Some people make it a screen saver or put it on their meditation altar, or just keep it on their phone; but it’s just a connection tool. I scroll through art on the internet and they direct me what to choose.

That’s it in a nutshell.


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