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Wash your Hands

It’s come to my attention that many people in the spiritual community are urging a wide overview perspective of the pandemic. They write lovely poems about the bright side of the virus and how it’s making us slow down, spend time with our families and create less pollution so that the earth can ironically breathe for awhile.

That’s great and I’m all for making lemons out of lemonade. I also agree that walking around in a frenzy of anger, fear, anxiety or despair gains us nothing. And that getting into a higher and calmer zen place is healthier for us in every way.

However, I draw the line at people implying that just getting into the right head space or spiritual clarity can keep you from getting infected or guarantee a light, passing wave of illness that just flows through your spiritually clean body.

This is an attitude I noticed in the spiritual community back in the ‘80’s during the worst of the AIDS crisis. Again and again I heard how enlightened someone was and how that meant they would never catch that awful disease. So they would indulge in risky behavior and wind up dead.

So I agree that being balanced physically, mentally, and emotionally can boost our immune systems. But it cannot guarantee your survival. Stay home, wash your hands, be safe as well as sane, and learn from history.

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