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Wow, we have been sailing through some pretty stormy waters lately; and it's easy for all of us competent people to just tuck into our armored shells and stagger forward feeling like we need to handle everything ourselves. After all, we are good at handling crises, right? And no one wants to listen to someone whining about their hardships!

So naturally, reaching out for support is something one should never, ever do. At least until the problem is 95% handled and we open the door to a little support through the final cleanup; just to give our friends a chance to feel contributive and ease ourselves back into society.

Does this sound familiar? Sure. And yet, suffering in perseverance and silence may sound great, but is not particularly effective or healthy. If we weren't meant to work together, we could all occupy our own separate planets like the Little Prince and have plants and animals as our best buddies. Although this may sometimes feel tempting (who doesn't appreciate the unconditional love of a sweet pet?), it does less for your evolution and growth into the best version of yourself you can be. Friends are not only wonderful, but necessary.

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