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United We Stand

Love it or hate it, we have moved into a new "anything goes" era as 2017 looms on the horizon. Political correctness is out the window and how people think and feel will be obvious, up front, and personal. This creates a topsy-turvy and chaotic atmosphere and pulls us towards a lot of unpredictability and serendipity.

Whether we like this or not, routines are being stripped away and that creates a sense of imbalance. Now is the time to remember that stress is in a direct relationship with support. To the degree that we weave a strong support network around ourselves is exactly the degree of stress we can handle and still stay standing.

So, practice self-care first and foremost: eat well, drink water, exercise, and get sufficient sleep. Meditate, dance, do yoga, cultivate a sense of humor...whatever it takes to stay in balance. Then; reach out to your family, friends, neighbors and coworkers and weave a strong network of support. United we stand. This statement has never been so true.

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