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Take A Moment

This morning I woke up late and was in a real rush to get things done. I had clients calling soon and felt like I had to get a certain amount of prep done first. I spent 5 minutes looking for a file just to realize that I had laid it on the bed and Zora, the cat, was now laying on it. I went to grab it and she rolled over begging me to look at how cute she was and pet her.

For a moment, I felt irritated. I was busy! Then, a second later, my priorities kicked in. How could I not take a moment to enjoy my family pet? How often do I hurry along and feel like I have no time to watch a child's magic trick or take a friend's phone call?

I petted the cat and enjoyed her for a minute and then went on with my day in a happier, more relaxed, way. Everything still got done. The world didn't come to an end when I stopped rushing around. Pets are a great way to remind ourselves to slow down and savor our day.

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