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Even the Tiniest Ladybug...

Michael: Spring is here and with it the burst of new life that accompanies the season. Most people think of spring when the see the first crocuses or daffodils bloom, or see the deciduous trees putting forward new leaves. But spring is also a busy time in the insect world. Bees are buzzing around the rosemary bushes, butterflies are flitting through the wildflowers, pill bugs, damselflies, and ladybugs are marching through the grass and shrubs. Without these tiny, busy little neighbors their would be no healthy crops, no flowers, the world would grind to a halt.

When you recognize how important even the tiniest ladybug is to the survival of everyone on earth, it is not a big leap to see that you also are an invaluable piece of the ecosystem. As an even more complex and accomplished member of the team, you contribute to the whole every day just naturally living your life and giving your gifts. When your confidence wavers, remember: you have innate value. You are Whole and you are Good and your presence here makes a difference.

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