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Feel the Rain

Having become quite addicted to my daily walks, I have not chosen to forego them with the return of the rains here in March after a fairly dry February. At first, I would bundle up in a down vest and long sleeves to protect myself from the weather, but I only needed psychological protection. With the temperatures in the high 50's and low 60's and the natural warmth resulting from aerobic exercise, I soon realized that all of those layers just overheated me.

So now I walk through the park or nearby woods in just a t-shirt and if it rains let my skin absorb the moisture like it soaks up the sun on other days. The lack of barriers between myself and the wind, leaves, butterflies, and raindrops creates an amazing sense of unity with the earth around me.

My animal self feels at one with the rest of the ecosystem and the cares of daily life slip away slowly, but thoroughly during this magical time. Unlike many, I bring no music or other distractions with me during these walks and I usually walk alone, though I do greet fellow walkers and their dogs if I encounter any.

The connection with Mother earth is profound and becomes a moving meditation if I allow myself to slip into that peaceful state. So, I know it is a bold idea to venture out into the wind and drizzle without a hat or umbrella or even a sweater. I can only encourage you to give it a try sometime. The spiritual high is worth stepping outside the box.

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