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One With The Universe

Once in awhile, just now and then, as you're bopping down the road maneuvering through your day; you are hit with a sudden insight. A moment of clarity and inspiration so amazing that for a brief shining moment everything in the Universe seems to make sense in so

me infinitely large tapestry of existence.

Naturally, these moments zip by in a blinding flash and the very next second you are noticing that you are cold, or hungry, or that your neighbor tossed his cigarette butt i...nto your yard again. And as soon as you realize that you're noticing mundanities, your mind screams...oh no! What happened to my beautiful and great aha?

I was One with the Universe! I was aligned in my higher chakras! And now I'm staring forlornly at a cigarette butt...nooooooo!

Relax It's great to have inspirational moments, but none of us live in a Hallmark card. The important thing to remember is that Unity is achievable. And after all, if we are all One...that includes the cigarette butt.

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