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Adventure Vs Safety

January is a month of potential transformation this year. We have opportunities to improve our health, our communication skills, our relationships, and our lifestyle. Just because opportunities arise, however, doesn't mean that we take them. As we head through life moment by moment we are continually balancing our need for growth and adventure with our need for safety and security.

"Try it, we might like it," yearns the adventurer within us. "Don't change anything! Remember that time you changed and it was awful?" warns the inner safety inspector.

We may not like it, but we live on a plane of polarity. Every positive thing we accomplish brings a challenge in its wake; every challenge we conquer brings a gift along (though we may not see this until the dust settles). So, even our choices are made in a framework of polarity: we're constantly balancing the risks against the potential rewards.

Sometimes it's really hard to choose. When you find yourself fretting and paralyzed at the fork in the road, remember: you are here to participate! Suit up and join the game.


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