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News Journal scrap or by the city of Anaheim Public Works References Category:Railway stations opened in 1927 Category:1927 establishments in California Category:Los Angeles Railway stations Category:Cahuenga, California Category:Railway stations in the United States opened in 1927 Category:Railway stations in Los Angeles Category:Skyscraper office buildings in Los Angeles Category:Railway stations in California at street level Category:Pacific Electric Railway Category:Beaux-Arts architecture in California Category:Railway stations in Southern California Category:Transportation in the San Fernando Valley Category:Transportation in Los AngelesThursday, May 12, 2008 I haven't written much lately, but I've been creating lately, and it's been fun. So I thought I'd share some of the creations that I've made, and let you know that I haven't forgotten about you all! First up is my good friend and business partner Mary at SwooningDesigns. She just finished up her latest commission for an aspiring artist, and I'd love to show you her gorgeous work! Molly is my little poodle, and she's an adorable little thing. I feel like all poodles are so cute, but this one takes the cake! This was a commission from her owner to be made into a wedding topper. The price was pretty reasonable, so when the time came, she got all dolled up and I created a sweet little wedding topper that would suit her lovely heart. There are so many things I love about this little guy. He's such a sweet poodle, and he was fun to make. I love the look of this black background, and the big pom-pom nose. Oh, and did I mention that he's a character? I know, I'm fun like that! I have a couple of pics of the one that I was commissioned to create for one of our clients. I never actually got to meet her, but through this design, I was able to really capture her in the exact way that I'd imagined her. It's fun to play with people's thoughts sometimes. The most fun of all was this one. A little girl whose favorite movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was in need of a personal photographer to do some promotional work. She decided to go to the dollar store and purchase some props from the "candy




IZotope Ozone 9 Advanced IZotope Neutron 3 Advanced Keygen rebjava
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