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Second Edition Paperback


Once you've been introduced to the Michael teaching, it is natural to want to discover exactly how you fit into this system. A personal, channeled reading with Michael in which youcan ask any quesions pertaining to yourself, your relationships or the world-at-large can be very helpful. You can receive valuable insight into your past lives, your life plan and what your lessons are in your relationships, your career and your personal life.

Michael The Basic Teachings

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  • Who is Michael and what is the aim and purpose of the Michael Teaching?

    "This teaching presentsthe concept that all of life is a circle or spiral of exsperience, and that no point on the circle is better than any other. Each point is merly a different perspective with a different lesson behind it. We are all eqully part of a whole... regardless of our degree of awareness. The role of a teacher is really to remind you of what you already know"

    "We are giving you information regarding the structure of this universe so that you can more fully understand the part you play, and your relationship to the whole. We are also giving you knowledge and using it in your life facilitates... growth"

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